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Optimal Performance

Jun 29, 2020

Big takeaways. 

Steve Stavs  is a South Africa based Chinese Herbalist, Coach, Biohacker, Author, Speaker and Podcaster. He reached out to have me on his podcast Made To Thrive

So, this is that episode, where he interviews me on the 7 Pillars of Made to Thrive. 

The 7 Pillars Are:

•Purpose, community, environment,...

Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Ben is uniquely qualified to talk about our individualized health. He is a global expert in understanding the roles that genes play in our lives. 

Dr. Ben is the author of the hit book "Dirty Genes" and creator of Stratagene the comprehensive and easy to read genetic test. 

In this direct and impactful conversation...

265 Health And Politics Are Inseparable With Dr. Ben Lynch

Jun 18, 2020

Dr. Ben Lynch is an expert in genetics with a specialization in environmental health.

He's got some great ideas when it comes to viruses - especially what sorts of health factors lead to bad outcomes from the virus.

Dr. Ben's portal to his line of AMAZING vitamins and supplements can be found 


In this episode we...

Jun 15, 2020

Mike Mutzel is a thought leader in health and performance. 

He's also an independent thinker. So I brought him back for a conversation on health in the time of CVD. 

In this episode we cover:

•Witnessing how groupthink works and how narratives shift with the curated content in mainstream media

•How to be mindful...

Jun 11, 2020

"You're not sick you're just thirsty, toxic and acid."

As a former nuclear power engineer, Eileen became toxic and suffered from serious allergies and chemical sensitivities. Then she got smart on alternative health and detox protocols. 

The biohacking equipment that she develops range from near infrared saunas, to...