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Optimal Performance

Jun 11, 2020

"You're not sick you're just thirsty, toxic and acid."

As a former nuclear power engineer, Eileen became toxic and suffered from serious allergies and chemical sensitivities. Then she got smart on alternative health and detox protocols. 

The biohacking equipment that she develops range from near infrared saunas, to portable air purification devices. 

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In this episode we cover: 

•What are toxins?

•Are we more toxic now that generations in the past?

•What does it mean to detox?

•What is the law of minerals?

“Detoxing too hard can stress the body…it can zap the energy it needs for healing.”

“Why do we do a sauna? To stimulate a fever to kill weak cells.”

•Portable air purifiers that emit 19 million negative oins and 4 million positive ions...what!

“You’ve gotta have hacks to provide yourself with a safe breathing environment.”

"You’re not sick, you’re just thirsty, toxic and acid.”

*The importance of getting elimination pathways functioning properly before you do a detox protocol

•How can you know if you have high levels of toxins

•Symptoms of underachieve or overactive adrenal and thyroid\

•Air purifier devices, which emit negative ions and positive ions, which gets rid of VOCs, bacteria, chemicals, - plasma

•A few back and neck health devices

•Exploration of the best salt - Healthy Salt