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Optimal Performance

Jun 15, 2020

Mike Mutzel is a thought leader in health and performance. 

He's also an independent thinker. So I brought him back for a conversation on health in the time of CVD. 

In this episode we cover:

•Witnessing how groupthink works and how narratives shift with the curated content in mainstream media

•How to be mindful with your time and focus

•The importance of developing mitochondrial and capillary density at a young age (staying active with your family)

•An honest conversation about NOT wearing a mask in public. 

•Public Policy around health…what makes sense, what doesn’t?

•How business interests interfere with effective and ethical health oversight

•Conflicts of interest between health and business.

•What should you be doing to keep yourself healthy and strong whether you want the vaccine or not

•The connection of between metabolic inflexibility on your immune system and your response