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Optimal Performance

Jul 31, 2023

It seems too good to be true, but there's been some awesome outcomes from recipients of the procedure called stellate ganglion block. 

Dr. Lipov and Jamie Mustard co-wrote The Invisible Machine

Learn more about the procedure here: Stella Center

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Jul 24, 2023

Ketones are the optimal fuel for the brain and the body. But EATING keto is really hard. 

H.V.M.N. - makers of Ketone IQ has mastered the keto shot. 

15-20 minutes after a quick shot of exogenous ketones and you feel SWITCHED ON. 

You can get 20% here -  use code OPP20


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Jul 17, 2023

Ahrimanic and Luciferian influences & How to cleans parasites. And WHY YOU SHOULD CARE

Links to parasite cleasing products:



(RUG) Remove Unwanted Guests


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Jul 9, 2023

You're about re-think A LOT.

A bat in a wet market? A lab in Wuhan? The virome theory doubted by its creator. Sick coughing in poeple's mouths and not getting others sick. Fear propaganda. Experiments in group think. 

And our bodies' powerful ability to fight off illness. 

But most importantly - The End of Covid. 150+...

Jul 3, 2023

Dr. Gregory Kelly is the Director of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective, a naturopathic physician (N.D.), and the author of the book Shape Shift.

His areas of expertise include nootropics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, weight management, sleep, and the chronobiology of performance and health....