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Optimal Performance

Jan 25, 2017

Team Natural Stacks is on the Hot Seat this week. Meet the team and get our favorite books of 2016, best advice, top new biohacks and more tools for Optimal Performance - like new coffee recipes, food logging tips, and mushroom teas with our Myco Stacks.

Jan 18, 2017

Sleep hacking with Michael Lares. We discuss the 5 stages of sleep, physical & mental recovery during sleep, the brain waves involved with each stage and how PEMF can help you get better sleep, heal tissue, migraines and more.

Flow State: Neuroscience of Getting in ''The Zone'' with Max Gotzler

Jan 11, 2017

Flow States can increase productivity by 500-700%. Flow Grade founder Max Gotzler reveals the 3 neurological changes that occur in our brain during flow & tips for us to achieve flow in our everyday lives to increase purpose, productivity & happiness.

Jan 4, 2017

Dr. Cate Shanahan is the author of Deep Nutrition and the Director of the LA Laker's PRO Nutrition Program. Dr. Cate explains the 4 components that all healthy diets share, how the low-fat craze began, & why vegetable oil is ''liquid age''.