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Optimal Performance Podcast

May 10, 2021

Dr. Christine Rosche From Digestive Health Center is at the cutting edge of gut health. 

In here return appearance to the OPP - Dr. Rosche shares some incredible data from international studies about treating covid with iodine mouth wash, ivermectin and gut health boosting protocols.

Dr. Rosche has two special offers...

May 3, 2021

When the creator of a massively popular anti-aging protocol is a self-admitted junk food junkie you perk up. 

Dr. Sandra Kaufman uses her knowledge of cell biology and physiology to treat aging with biochemical biohacking.

We talk about the Kaufman Protocol which takes a hard look at the 7 tenets of aging. 

In this...

Apr 29, 2021

In this unique episode I walk you through a dynamic Life Coaching exercise called the Life Positioning System. This assessment tool is unique to you and your life. It's eye opening.

Why do we bother to optimize our performance? What will we do with extra energy and greater focus? 

At the heart of all the performance...

Apr 26, 2021

Wade Lightheart has dedicated his life to creating BEST IN CLASS supplements. He and his team at Bioptimizers are succeeding.

I've recently fallen in love with several of the BiOptimzers products...and I'm very very picky. 

You can get 10% off the most potent Magnesium product on the planet - Magnesium Breakthrough

Apr 19, 2021

Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist is the 2X New York Times/WSJ Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired To Eat.  Robb has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world via his top ranked iTunes podcast, books and seminars.

In part one of this convo we cover electrolytes and...