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Optimal Performance

Dec 20, 2021

Dr. William Pawluk is the world's leading expert in PEMF - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy.

PEMF can treat over 80 conditions from cancer to broken bones - Find them here. 

Dr. Pawluk has reserched, applied and authored books on PEMF with global recognition - pre-order his new book Supercharge Your Health With PEMFs - HERE 

If you're interested in consulting with Dr. Pawluk GO HERE

In this fascinating episode you'll learn. 

•The difference between PEMF and EMF

•How the acupuncture meridian system responds to magnetic field therapy

•FDA approved devices for healing bones

•Energy healing as a first course of action instead of turning to it when nothing else works

•PEMF for emotional issues like anxiety and depression

•Positive thought, enhances effectiveness of PEMF therapy

•Symptoms of intolerance to PEMF

•Supplement suggestions in tandem with PEMF treatment

•Electrical charges from walking barefoot outside. Teluric currents.

•500 references and the basic ideas around Magnetic Field Theory

•Distinguishing between inadequate PEMF devices and the best devices in the world