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Optimal Performance

Dec 13, 2021

Michael Breus, Ph.D - The Sleep Doctor is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. 

His latest book explored the connection between your Chronotype (sleep type) with Body type. Get the book here -

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Products referenced in the episode:

•The Sinusonic -

•Mute nasal dilator -

•Ebb versa cool drift -

In this detailed and informative episode we cover: 

•How Dr. Breus can predict body type based on Chronotype

•Hoe sleep effects every organ system and every disease state

•What is the connection between Sleep Type and Body Type

•5000 people from each chronotype to see the connections with body type

•Balance exercises before bed

•Consistency and discipline for sleep

•Dr Breus is the Chief Sleep Officer at Oura Ring

•Pairing exercise preference with chronotype

•Poewer profile = Body Type paired with Chronotype

•Hacking exercise based on your body type

•Dr. Breus on the proper way to mouth tape

•Nutrition plan based on when you eat, when you sleep based on Chronotype and movement program based on bod y type

•Why the wolf chronotype has such a hard time maintaining weight

•Sleep as the shock absorber of your life