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Optimal Performance

Jul 3, 2023

Dr. Gregory Kelly is the Director of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective, a naturopathic physician (N.D.), and the author of the book Shape Shift.

His areas of expertise include nootropics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, weight management, sleep, and the chronobiology of performance and health. Additionally, he has develop several rare and powerful compounds that have scientifically shown senolytic activity.

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In this episode we cover:

•Qualia Mind 

•100 Day money back guarantee

•How to decide which products are fit for the public

•Why Dr. Gregory takes the weekend off from all supplements

•How do you know if a smart drug is working

•Senolytics and the removal of lingering dead cells

•Sure, crush it at work during the day, but how are you when you get home?

•Maybe nutrients would help you enjoy your family more.