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Optimal Performance

Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Ben is uniquely qualified to talk about our individualized health. He is a global expert in understanding the roles that genes play in our lives. 

Dr. Ben is the author of the hit book "Dirty Genes" and creator of Stratagene the comprehensive and easy to read genetic test. 

In this direct and impactful conversation we cover:

• Episode starts immediately with conversations about electromagnetism in the home, and the systems he uses to reduce dirty electricity.

• We cover the intuitive design of Dr. Ben’s new version of Stratagene genetic testing

•Who’s a good candidate for getting genetic testing

•Consider, diet, environment, movement as it pertains to your genes

•Health factors: environment, lifestyle, food and medications - what cleans your genes

•The reason why we are not being educated to enhance our own health

“You’re not getting news information, you are being manipulated.”

“Health is political, you can’t separate the two”

“My work is emphasizing the science of common sense.”

•The awareness that many people don’t want to be healthy. They would rather be overweight and rely on steroids than have good discipline

•Should the government be in charge of our health?