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Optimal Performance

May 27, 2020

Dr. Jeffrey Spencer is in a class of his own. 

He's an Olympian, worked with Tiger Woods, U2, Lance Armstrong, Richard Branson and participated in 8 Tour de France races. 

He knows winning. 

In this very impactful conversation we go deep into what it takes to achieve what we set out to accomplish. 


“How Not To Blow It Just Before You Win" his 27-page White Paper HERE

In this episode we cover: 

•How everyone can get to performing at Champion Level.

•How important it is to craft your life and lifestyle to the goals you want

•What are you going to say about yourself on the other side of the virus? Did you fold with fear or did you push yourself to excel and transcend.

•”Take everything that you think you need and throw it away.”

•”Everyone of us does have a champion side that does want to create a life of value and contribution.”

•We can’t outrun our blindspots so we need to work with outside guidance to prevent preventable problems

•”Goal setting doesn’t mean or guarantee goal achievement.”

•”I’ve never met a person who woke up looking to fail.”

•Do you have the right goal? - It’s more likely to achieve it if you prepare for it.

•1. Preparing to perform to achieve the goal.

•2. Having the right mindset

•3. Pursuing the goal. After you’ve prepped - have a strong start (scripted starting procedure)

•4. The Honeymoon euphoria

•The predictability of human nature