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Optimal Performance

May 2, 2022

Doug Noll just blew mind. As a mediator and peace maker, Doug has a lot to teach us about de-escalating angry people. 

Learn these techniques and never have an argument again. 

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In this episode we cover: 

•A research backed strategy for emotional growth

•Emotional invalidation destroys the brain

•Why people are more angry today

•Free Ebook HERE

•Why you should never expect people to be reasonable - WHAT

•How ALL conflict is emotional

•The power of affect mirroring

•The specific 3-step technique to handle challenging people

•The importance of honoring your own and other’s emotions

•How most of our social skills have atrophied

•96% of all families are emotionally dysfunctional

•How we’re never taught how to be social

•Why you have to de-escalate before you problem solve

Prison of Peace Project