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Optimal Performance

Oct 12, 2020

Patrick Wanis has a practical approach to helping people grow. 

He's a human behavior expert, NLP practitioner, therapist and hypnotist. He works with television stars, corporations and he knows how to help you up-level your mind!

In this return appearance on the Optimal Performance Podcast we cover:

•How Patrick became a human behavior expert

•How you think of our relationships, to things, loved ones, strangers is critical to your reality

•What is the connection between childhood trauma and adult performance?

•CAET trauma assessment

•How abuse and trauma shape you

•The connection between experiencing abuse as a child and your behavior as an adult

•Those who experience trauma, often self-destruct

•If you resolve your childhood trauma, will you no longer be exceptional?

•What is the law of deservedness? How does it effect your potential?

•”The more you heal unresolved issues, not only will the greater success you’ll have, you’ll actually enjoy it.”


•”You gotta enjoy the process of every little moment, because that’s all you’ve got.”

•Work out your WHY, enjoy every moment, don’t think that you’re suddenly going to be happy when you get what you want. You’ve gotta enjoy getting what you want.”

•Some common issues of ethics with therapists.

•What my SRTT session with Patrick helped me achieve

•Developing the skill of saying “NO”