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Optimal Performance

May 1, 2020

Eben Britton is a truth teller. 

His article exposing the reality of prescription drug use in the NFL went viral 

He featured in a Netflix documentary called "Take Your Pills" 

He continues to advocate for cannabis via Athletes For Care 

AND he's the co-host of Hotboxin with Mike Tyson.

On top of that - Eben is a gifted writer....

In this impactful, in-your-face episode of the OPP we cover: 

•The compartmentalization of our current world consciousness

•From idolizing the warrior archetype and thriving in the NFL to seeing through the system that shape us

•Adderall addiction, prescription drugs in the NFL

•The price of playing in the NFL - Link to story

•The importance of putting in self work to be prepared for hard times

•Who you are, what your life is all about

•Work with psychedelics showing you yourself.

•The power of cannabis for the brain and the body

•Perspectives of a free thinker and father

•The Fear menachinsms around death and the virus

•The serious problem with being told we can’t touch each other!!!

•The massive benefits of cannabis, and a short history of the importance of cannabis

•Clarity on the individuals involved in the handling the covid situation

•How Deep Are you Willing To Take Ownership Of Your Life