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Optimal Performance

Oct 21, 2019

What do Buckminster Fuller, Nobel Prizes, Biodomes and Really Old Rats have in common?

In this episode we're joined by Chris Burres and scientist and founder of My Vital C.  If you’ve ever wanted to live longer, and FEEL better, then do we have the C60 show for you!


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In this episode we cover: 

•ESS60 with olive oil RAT STUDY - rats lived 90% longer than the other two groups - longest longevity study for mammals to date. 

• 1985 researchers discovered the third form of carbon in the form of fullerenes Nobel Prize award 10 years later - sort of a 3d version of benzene

• Chris' origin as a supplement provider - process of people taking this and requesting more - after originally stating (don’t ingest this substance).

• How does (C60 or more specially with ESS60) work in the cell. 

• How Nano-material, 10engstroms across, are able to enter cell walls and absorb free radicals and passes through then excreted (probably)

• Anecdotal evidence for sleep improvement, arthritic symptoms and inflammation.