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Optimal Performance

Oct 14, 2019

The simple truth is that we are constantly acquiring useless mental and physical habits that don’t actually serve our best interest.

In this solo podcast episode, I outline a protocol that I've been using with my coaching clients for years to help them get back in touch with who they are. 


The Full Moon Reset is a 16-day multi-pronged protocol for resetting your mind, body, spirit and life - utilizing powerful personal development approaches and simple-to-follow fasting protocols while harnessing the natural power of the lunar cycle. The goal of the Full Moon Reset is to intentionally simplify your mental and physical habits to better know thyself. In this episode, I lay out step-by-step a protocol for truly resetting the aspects of your life that have become detrimental to you.  LINK TO SEAN MCCORMICK COACHING: • Step-by-step plans for getting in touch with your true essence • How fasting and abstinence protocols can reset your systems • The four areas of your life that need auditing • "The List" we can generate to better understand our pitfalls • Why incorporating the power of the Lunar Cycle works • Stories from my coaching clients who have had massive success • What to do instead of watching Netflix  • The importance of down time • How the Full Moon Reset mimics a vacation • Protocols for how success within the Full Moon Reset Challenge