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Optimal Performance

Jan 20, 2020

Andy Mant is a one-man encyclopedia when it comes to light. 

As the founder of BluBlox - his mission to educate the world on the importance of light management and optimization. 

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In this episode we cover: 

•Light hacking tips!

•The skin has receptors which also can disrupt sleep, hormones, etc. Recent studies show

•What does circadian rhythm really mean and how does it effect us?

•The neurotransmitters and near-peptides associated with circadian rhythm

•The invention of LED lights and the assault on our health

•Skipping the sunrise but exposing your eyes to LED lights creates a circadian mismatch.

•Melatonin as a detoxifier.

•Why President Trump did us a favor when it comes to light bulbs

•The difference between Incandescent and LED

•Spectral analysis report when buying blue blocking glasses 400-550 nm is what needs blocking.

•Andy’s experiment with jet lag management with the Australian National Soccer Team, wrote a paper about to how to phase shifting for as many days as the amount of hours you’re traveling to.

•Grounding on planes with bare feet directly on metal grounding through DC.

•How salt lamps near your computer help add a balance to your blue light beaming tech.

•Reaching out to the BluBlox community to help you optimize your light exposure.