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Optimal Performance

Aug 24, 2017

Increasing strength and boosting brain power with Dr. Birk.

From physical movement to mental performance, the Central Nervous System governs everything we do. On today’s episode of the OPP, Dr. Ruminder Birk explains how we can optimize physical, mental, and emotional performance by “biohacking” our nervous system.

Owner of Atlantis Chiropractic, Dr. Birk has an intimate knowledge of the nervous system and he brings his holistic, wellness based approach to the show as we discuss:

  • How the Central Nervous System is first to develop
  • Neural pathways controls movement and cognition
  • The Windsor Autopsy Studies - failed attempts to dispel chiropractic claims that spine health impacts organ function
  • What the research says about chiropractic adjustments increasing physical performance (6-16% boost from single adjustment)
  • Old school Strongman secrets to increase neural drive for increased strength
  • How low-level laser therapy, vibration plates, inversion and other biohacks can help us  optimize nervous system function
  • How chronic sympathetic activation (aka, stress) impacts hormones, sleep, energy, organs and what you can do about it
  • Why “firefighters put out fires - but don’t build houses”
  • Biohacking and optimizing neurotransmitters for optimal mental performance