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Optimal Performance

Mar 29, 2021

I'm constantly looking for the most effective biohacking products.

I have a new favorite. Hydrogen tablets from drinkHRW.

In this episode we talk about ethics in biohacking products, wellness skepticism and of course hydrogen tablets. 

Alex Tarnava the inventor and CEO of drinkHRW joins me for a wide ranging...

Mar 22, 2021

Gregory Landsman has worked in entertainment and beauty long enough to know some deep truths about youthful skin. 

He's the reason I'm now washing my face with Apple Cider Vinegar - and my skin hasn't looked this good for years.

In this thoughtful and insightful episode about beauty, skin and life purpose we cover:

Mar 18, 2021

T.C. Hale's story is an odd one. 

Stand up comedian loses his voice, 23 doctors can't help and only then does he figure out his health issues. 

Now, as a health coach and podcaster T.C. shares his unique humor and insight around health optimization with the masses. 

Get his free ebook HERE

In this insightful episode we...

Mar 15, 2021

Dr. Jon Lieff is a neuropsychiatrist with a BA in Mathematics from Yale University and an MD from Harvard Medical School.

His new book The Secret Language Of Cells explores how biological conversations happen, and what that may tells us about consciousness. 

In this detailed and fascinating episode we cover:


Mar 8, 2021

Brad Kearns epitomizes optimal performance. 

He's a NY Times best selling author, podcaster, Guinness record holder, supplement formulator and primal biohacker. He's teamed up recently with Mark Sisson for the book

TWO Meals a Day: The Simple Sustainable Strategy To Lose Fat, Reverse Aging and Break Free from Diet...