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Optimal Performance

Sep 25, 2017

Low Carb/Keto/Paleo Nutritionist Amy Berger on how much protein, fat, and salt we really need, insulin as the real cause of hypertension and Alzheimer's as an energy crisis in the brain, aka "diabetes of the brain".

Hear how:

- Insulin, not sodium, is the #1 cause of high blood pressure

- Learn about the body's natural...

Sep 18, 2017

Episode #139 of the OPP gives you a front row seat to the amazing speakers at the Success Live Conference run by Success Magazine. 

The event featured some of the world’s leading speakers, writers, scientists and innovators - Peter Diamandis, Dr. Daniel Amen, Jocko Willinck, Brendon Burchard, Keith Ferrazi, Mel...

Sep 11, 2017

Today’s episode of the OPP features straight-shooting Texas-based holistic doctor, Stephen Lewis who specializes in chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid issues and heavy metal detoxification.
On this episode, we talk about why US chicken farmers won’t eat their own chickens (you shouldn’t either), how heavy metal...

Sep 7, 2017

Find out why the world's top neuroscientists believe this "groundbreaking" device can reduce body fat and change our set points without any changes to diet or exercise.

Neurovalens CEO Dr. Jason McKeown (trained under V.S. Ramachandran) has created a groundbreaking technology that uses vestibular stimulation to...

Sep 4, 2017

This episode of the OPP is for everyone who was ever told they were too short, too slow, or not good enough.

Told he was too short for years, Govert Viergever ignored the doubters, honed his craft, created an opportunity for himself and capitalized, earning himself a spot on the Dutch Olympic team for the 2016 Rio...