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Optimal Performance

Dec 28, 2016

Katie Singer, author of An Electronic Silent Spring, educates us on legislative policy that has paved the way for cell phone and electronics usage that has been proven to uncouple DNA, linked to brain cancer, and most importantly - how we can limit exposure and damage to our health.

Nootropics, Metabolism, and Circadian Hacks with Steve Fowkes

Dec 21, 2016

Biohacking legend Steve Fowkes talks nootropics, piracetam use, metabolism, reducing viral susceptibility, HIIT for brain function, dangers of cell phones and his favorite sleep hacks to improve sleep, increase energy, ad improve health.

Dec 14, 2016

Biohacking legend Steve Fowkes: We talk Alzheimer's prevention and reversal, including the role - and importance - of pH, redox reactions, grounding, glutathione and the ''browning out'' of our metabolisms. Plus the dangers of living ''wired to the max''.

Super Learner Jonathan Levi on Learning, Memory and Speed Reading

Dec 7, 2016

''Learning is the only skill that matters'' If we can learn, there is no new skill, trait or ability that is out of our reach. Super Learner Jonathan Levi shares the secrets to acquire new skills at an accelerated rate, improve memory, and read faster.