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Optimal Performance

Endless Frontier: Combat Veterans on Living with Purpose & The Pursuit of Knowledge

Feb 22, 2017

3 young veterans, recently retired from active-duty & founders of Endless Frontier. These vets share their mission and give us tips to live with purpose, develop our own skills and mental toughness, overcome fears and pass ''The Rocking Chair Test''.

Feb 15, 2017

Tony Wrighton is a Sky Sports host, and host of the Zestology Podcast. He reveals the mindset secrets of NLP, hypnosis, and subliminal messaging and how we can employ these tactics to calm nerves, increase focus, change habits, and increase success.

Feb 8, 2017

Ancestral Health Radio's James Broderick shares his top 10 tips to build ancestral living into our lives for improved health & wellness. Humans are maladapted to modern living - here's how to re-evaluate our relationship with food, land, tech. & community

Feb 1, 2017

Rick Strassman, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule joins us on the OPP for an in-depth look at our Pineal Gland, the part of the brain often called the Third Eye, it's regulation of melatonin, and it's link to DMT, spirituality and consciousness.