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Optimal Performance

Nov 27, 2018

Finally something very unique to the meditation space. Sarah McDevitt, CEO and Founder of Core dives deep with me into meditation and explains how Core uses a vibrating hardware device paired with an app for maximizing your meditation experience. 

Nov 20, 2018

I recently visited Doctor and Author Elena Zinkov at Proactive Health Clinic near Seattle to go over my blood work.

Why should you care?

Most MDs don't have the time and aren't incentivized to go through your blood work with you. And, since I'm a keto eating, nootropic taking, go-getter like you...I figured it would...

Nov 13, 2018

Wines that you can drink everyday and stay in ketosis. The philosophy of a 6000% growth company. The spirituality of wine and a framework for life that you've never heard before. This episode has it all. 

Nov 6, 2018

10 Minutes a day, no weights, no cardio with ridiculous results. Research scientist and inventor Dr. John Jaquish joins us to explain the astonishing results I've been getting with X3 band workouts. Bigger muscles, increased GH and simply the most effective workout system I've ever experienced.