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Optimal Performance

May 29, 2017


Tom Bilyeu is on a mission to end both metabolic disease and generational poverty.

His relentless quest includes the stated intent to deliver people the tools required to live outside the matrix and create meaningful impact on the world.

We're honored to have Tom on the OPP to share his insights on success and top...

May 25, 2017

Your backstage pass to the Biohacker Summit. 5 Speakers and VIPs from the event take their turn on the OPP Hot Seat and give you their best advice, #1 Biohacking Tip, favorite books, proudest moments, and most exciting thing they saw at this summit.

May 22, 2017

Our skulls are shrinking and it's impacting our breathing & brain function. Anti-aging Dr John Lieurance is back to discuss these epigenetic changes, Functional Cranial Release (FCR), how it improves breathing, frontal lobe activity & vestibular f

May 18, 2017

Model, celebrity trainer, & movement specialist Adam Von Rothfelder shares the philosophy behind his Earn The Day mission and his 7 Daily Habits For Health and Success- including balance, restructuring water, movement vs. exercise, & hormonal balance.

May 15, 2017

Leading anti-aging doctor John Lieurance discusses the top regenerative therapies - including stem cells from your own bone marrow and abdominal fat, and PRP for joints, regeneration and longevity. We also cover growth factors, ultra-sounds, & laser IV's.