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Optimal Performance

Oct 26, 2016

James Swanwick is best known for his blue-light blocking sleep glasses. Yes, we talk about hacking light, sleep, and habits, but James also lays out the exact strategy he used to overcome his fears of mediocrity to create his dream life.

Oct 19, 2016

Peak Brain Institute founder and lead neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Hill on brain optimization. We talk about sugar & brain dysfunction, the link between insulin resistance & Alzheimer's (likely a lifestyle disease) and brain waves for focus & attention.

Stronger. Faster. Harder To Kill. The Vanguard Part 1

Oct 12, 2016

Part 1 of 2, I talk with Special Forces vets Jake Saenz and Tod Moore, creators of The Vanguard - a 3 day camp teaching survival skills, situational awareness, fear inoculation, and always growing, learning, evolving before attending the event in Part 2.

2016 Bulletproof Conference Hot Seats: Top Experts Share Their Best Tips

Oct 5, 2016

9 experts at The 2016 Bulletproof BioHacking Conference get 5 minutes each to bring you their best health, wellness, and fitness advice on this special ''Hot Seat'' episode of the OPP. We've got Mark Sisson, Joe DeFranco, Kelly Starrett, & more top experts.