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Optimal Performance

Jun 29, 2017

Dr. Michael Breus, also known as The Sleep Doctor is the author of The Power of When - the book that explains the best time for you to do everything, based on your individual biological clock.

Dr. Breus has identified 4 chronotypes or "sleep animals": bears, lions, dolphins, and wolves.

Understanding our natural...

Jun 26, 2017

Kasandrinos Olive Oil is the fastest growing olive oil company in the world. Founder Tony Kasadrinos has built this family business while serving as an active duty US Marine.

We talk about family, how the Kasandrinos clan has built such a thriving business, the Paleo world, and of course Olive Oil.

Tony reveals the...

Jun 22, 2017

This episode is by request. You guys asked for ways to "hack" your mood, happiness, and are 5 research-backed methods to instantly improve your mood, increase happiness and skyrocket your productivity.

Find out: 

  • How social media is linked to depression and how the average person spend 2 hours a day on...

Jun 19, 2017

Chris Dancy is the World's Most Connected Man, lecturing all over the world on how we can better utilize technology to monitor our health, hack time, and be more mindful cyborgs.
I met Chris at the Biohacker Summit Sweden last month where he presented a keynote on time-traveling using our phones, calendars, and...

Jun 15, 2017

"The opposite of play is not work. The opposite of play is depression." - Charlie Hoehn

Charlie Hoehn is the Head of Author Marketing for Book In A Box and has written several best-selling books of his own: Play It Away and Recession-Proof Graduate, that offer simple solutions that help people get on with their...