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Optimal Performance

Mar 29, 2021

I'm constantly looking for the most effective biohacking products.

I have a new favorite. Hydrogen tablets from drinkHRW.

In this episode we talk about ethics in biohacking products, wellness skepticism and of course hydrogen tablets. 

Alex Tarnava the inventor and CEO of drinkHRW joins me for a wide ranging conversation about the benefits of hydrogen water, biohacking research and skepticism of wellness products.

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To be totally honest, I've been very very impressed with the four drinkHRW products I've taken. They're definitely worth checking out.  

In this episode we coever:

•Alex’s origin story of the invention of Hydrogen water tablets

•Higher concentration of doses taken intermittently for benefits

•DrinkHRW as a regulator of the biological systems

•Hydrogen is essential for all of our biological systems

•Most noticeable effects

•Hydrogen seems to regulate oxidative stress - hydrogen study 6 months 60 people reversed metabolic issues

•Minimum effective dose for hydrogen in water is .5 ppm  - DrinkHRW is 12

•The big problem with hydrogen water devices and tablets.

•Let down from ineffectiveness of Hydrogen Water devices.

•DrinkHRW Studies: - Phase 3 clinical trial for reducing hospitalizations in the 60+ populations in France - Clinical trials for post-stroke recovery  - Parkinsons - Reduce harmful radiation effects in cancer treatments

• database N=1 experiments with biohacking devices, diets etc.

•A critical take on biohacking devices

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