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Optimal Performance

Mar 22, 2021

Gregory Landsman has worked in entertainment and beauty long enough to know some deep truths about youthful skin. 

He's the reason I'm now washing my face with Apple Cider Vinegar - and my skin hasn't looked this good for years.

In this thoughtful and insightful episode about beauty, skin and life purpose we cover:

•Best morning hacks for beautification of the skin like lemon water in the morning - thumping your thymus, drinking quality water and focusing on deep even nose breathing, massaging your face with oils each morning

•Detoxification and the face

•How your environment effects the skin

•Massaging the face in circular motions down the neck to remove toxins

•Speed up lymphatic drainage and oxygenates the blood and carries nutrients to the face…and gets rid of pillow face.

•The importance of knowing your value in the world 

•How to develop your intuition and make decisions that are best for you.

•Developing your conscience…is this good for me…Is this good for humanity and trusting that feeling.

•How the physical body never lies.

•The skin as the largest organ we have and it shows what’s going inside our body

•The skin as a lie detector test

•How to take years off your face with the right breath and foods

•How your appearance shapes you and your self-belief

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