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Optimal Performance

Feb 14, 2022

There's no one quite like Zappy Zapolin. 

He's a psychedelic concierge and a modern renaissance man. A futurist who is helping build the future of mental health.

Find Zappy here -

In this eye opening conversation we cover: 

•Drastic up levels in awareness and performance via psychedelic medicines

•Predictions for our psychedelic future

•Frequency based psychedelics

•Unpacking the power of ketamine

•Psychedelics as a pathway to a better mind, better meditation, and greater mental wellness

•Psychedelics are here to help us through this global crisis

•Psychedelics and development of empathy

•Why we need to collectively stand up and demand legalization and rescheduling of psychedelics


• for PTSD in veterans

•Breaking up your calcified pineal gland

•Untethering yourself