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Optimal Performance

Sep 13, 2021

I thought I couldn't be surprised by emerging health tech. 

I was wrong!

Envision a future where people get healing from Virtual Reality, Technology induced psychedelics states. 

Find out more about all of Lyle's amazing projects at @luminouslyle on IG

In this very futuristic episode we cover: 

•Replacing pharmaecuticals with digital therapeutics

•Defining digital therapeutics - neurohacking and creating different brainwave states using technology: wellness technology

•Technodelics: Creating psychedelic states through digital therapeutics - Entheodigital makes  Sound Self which creates a similar effect as a psilocybin within 15-20min

•How Lyle thinks about the balance of our default reality and virtual/online reality

•Highlighting some of the emerging technoglo

•A VR game for kids to help with ADD/ADHD

•The future includes learning in VR open world. Waking around in a VR campus, attending classes from a wide array of instructors

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