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Optimal Performance

Jun 9, 2021

This is the way. Tight cuffs on your arms and legs makes your fatigue faster and get better results that marathon cardio workouts or killing yourself at the gym.

B Strong Training is legit and I love it. 

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•It takes really easy exercises and makes them very intense…leading to fatigue. Fatigue leads to fast results.

•15-20 minutes a day 5 days a week is all you need

•How to maximize the BFR results

•3 bodyweight exercises with Strong, and 1 standard lifting session

•How the  post-work out protein synthesis  is maximized with BStrong

•Why training at 60% gets you nowhere.

•The importance of sympathetic tone

•The future of remote fitness training that’s customizable to YOU.

•40-70 3x/week is a good target

•15-40 5 sessions per week

•Determining the inflation level

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