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Optimal Performance

Nov 13, 2020

Steve Matheson invents things to help people stay youthful.

I've been taking his Senolytic stack to help rid my body of zombie cells that are slowly accumulating in my body. 

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In this fascinating episode of we cover:

•Senolytics stack - what does it do?

•All 240 types of cells emit chemicals - all of them can become senescent

•Desatenib, Quercetin, Polyphenols, TCM - effective ingredients.

•Senescent cells are important to our body. But they don’t die. The turn into zombie cells that accumulate, emit chemicals and recruit others

•Newborn have 5-7% By full maturity - up to 18% at end of life

•Our immune system when strong have the capacity to rid the body of senescent cells

•The process of researching combinations of compounds for longevity, cancer Alzheimers and more.

•Doing 1 course a year, 35-40, 2 courses 40-50, 3 courses 50-60

•Steve’s experience of regrowing hair, and resolving skin issues through his Senolytics stack

•What’s the future of customized health and medicine.

•The importance of biometrics

•Increased HRV, decreased CRP,

*Steve’s 8 daily biohacks: Senolytics, Red light therapy, katsu, vagus nerve stim, fasting, breathing, meditation, kittens