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Optimal Performance

Oct 21, 2020

Part 2 is a mind-blower

An incredible continuation of part 1 with the polymath Dr. Ted Achacoso. 

Learn about his Health Optimization protocols HERE

In this episode we cover:

•We start by discussing the potential of psychedelic clinics in the near future

•Dr. Ted’s research into an ayahuasca micro-dosing protocol called pharmahuasca

•DMT - endogenous and exogenous

•Understanding that the self is a cognitive illusion - understanding the operation of the ego

•Synthesizing microdoses of psychedelics

•Default Mode Network and Task Positive Network oscillate

•How important perspective shifts are for our continued growth

•How to train your mind for performance

•The profound power of ketamine for the brain

•We can not move our species forward without species awareness

•How neurotransmitters correspond to political self-identification

•The importance of looking at health indicators instead of deficiency

•A + B = C: Absence of Disease plus Balance of anabolic and Catabolic processes according to the life-cycle of the organism