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Optimal Performance

Nov 18, 2019

Mike Mutzel's approach to optimal performance is clear, science-based and really effective. 

His website, youtube channel and podcast are a wealth of knowledge, and practical advice for living the optimal life. 

In this episode we cover:

•The must track biomarkers for performance

•Why we should local and seasonal and seasonal metallic changes?

•Breathwork before pizza and beer

•What is metabolic debt?

•The importance of baselines, blood work, deja scan, HRV, selfies for body comp, sleep, blood glucose/ketones, dream recall

•The connection between what you’re feeding your kids and their behavior

•Why you should fast before flying

•Fasting during cancer treatments

•When you’re fat adapted, you have less oxidative stress, you’re able to more effectively battle environmental factors

•Basic fasting protocols