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Optimal Performance

Sep 23, 2019

Ariel Garten is one of the more interesting people I've met.

She's a psychotherapist, Neuro-scientist, Meditator, Mother and co-founder of MUSE - brain sensing headband. 


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Here's what's in the episode:

• How she became the co-creator of MUSE

• I ask her if she’s an extraterrestrial.

• How MUSE 2 tracks heart rate, breath body and brain

• The Virtual Reality setups with MUSE - where your mood and mind-state direct a personalized Virtual Reality

• How goals and motivation work to enhance the meditation learning process

• How technology of the MIND increases our ability to extend brain, agency and what’s possible. your brain could reach out and you

• Meditation to be able to shift your brainwave state and emotional state thus making you more resilient and in control