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Optimal Performance

Sep 16, 2019

There's good reason why CBD products are so popular. THEY WORK. 

But what we don't know about CBD products could hurt us. 

There's SO MUCH confusion about CBD products and this episode tackles it thoroughly. 

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In this episode we cover:

• Why CBD is suddenly so popular

• I share my love of Omega CBD and Dream CBD

• How most people are overdosing on melatonin, why a micro-dosing it is key to the better sleep - under 1mg

• The process of sourcing CBD from industrial hemp as well how it’s processed

• What to look for in purchasing CBD Products - how to read test results of products to see about heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides test, cannabinoid and terpene profile - 10 cannabinoids and 10 terpenes

• What’s the difference between a full spectrum CBD and a CBD isolate

• The strains used in NS CBD products are berry blossom and cherry wine - why did they choose these?

• How some people over dose and  are overwhelming their end cannabinoid system with an

• How the carrier oil is infused and added

• CBD brands that Roy likes