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Optimal Performance

Nov 11, 2021

Are you ready to have your mind blown? 

Most of our western medicines are based on plants found in the Amazon rain forest. So why don't we know more about them? 

Enter Travis Bodick, who is about to unpack and explain a number of the most powerful indigenous plant medicines that you can use at home. 

Find his books here:

In this episode we cover: 

•The experiences of psychedelic medicines

•Which plant medicines for which ailments?

•The power of rappe, San Pedro, psilocybin, amanita muscaria, ayahuasca and other traditional plant medicines

•Snorting tired tobacco and tree ash

•How plant medicines change effect over time of use

•How Travis’s psychedelic use helped his crippling depression

•What is Kambo, and why people use it

•Why pharmaceutical companies are researching Kambo

•Kambo for a cold, improved respiration, depression, energy enhancement, long covid, psoriasis

•Demystifying tobacco use in healing applications

•Which of these compounds can be used alone at home

•Travis’s resources for using these compounds at home by yourself

•Thinking through the range of experiences with these indigenous medicines

•Combining psychedelic therapy with talk therapy for addiction