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Optimal Performance

Aug 24, 2020

This episode falls into the category of MIND BLOWER. 

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If you knew that you could do a comprehensive detox protocol in a few hours, inexpensively you would do it right? 

If you knew that your body could utilize vitamin c to immediately energize your body and help you upgrade your health, you'd jump for it wouldn't you? 

The Pure Vitamin C Flush is amazing, and so is this episode: 

•How it works

•When do we first see mega dosing vitamin C in the literature?

•Albert St. Georgie in the 1920s

•Vitamin C shown to cure polio via Dr. Klenner

•Vitamin C is a powerful anti-toxin

•Pregnant women getting 8k vit c per day (Klenner babies)

•Linus Pauling, popularized therapeutic doses in the U.S.

•Over 90% of vitamin C is GMO laced with glyphosate

•Almost every chronic disease is found next to low vitamin c levels

•Sicker bodies will hold much more vitamin c than a healthy body

•”Why don’t more people know more about this?”

•”You don’t take the amount of (vitamin) C that you think you need. You take the amount that works.”

•”We as humans don’t make our own vitamin C.”

•”Vitamin C is your body’s primary circulating anti-oxidant”

•Vitamin C is an electron donor

•Immune system, chronic fatigue, Epstein-barre, stress, anti-fragile, cortisol reduction, stretch-marks (stimulates collagen), heart disease, cancer (dr riordan, killing it directly through proxidation), anemia, anti-toxin, anti-viral, scurvy, 

•Isn’t too much vitamin c bad for you?

•My experience on the vitamin c flush