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Optimal Performance

Jul 9, 2023

You're about re-think A LOT.

A bat in a wet market? A lab in Wuhan? The virome theory doubted by its creator. Sick coughing in poeple's mouths and not getting others sick. Fear propaganda. Experiments in group think. 

And our bodies' powerful ability to fight off illness. 

But most importantly - The End of Covid. 150+ hours of presentations, interviews and resources to explain from start to finish. 

Why? Because they've told us they're planning for the next pandemic and we need to be prepared. 

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In this episode we cover:

•What is the End Of Covid

-How could we get duped by Covid….the same we got duped by Santa 

•No viruses have ever been isolated or photographed

•Studies coughing in people’s mouths… yuck. 

•How the reification fallacy works

•Why we gravitate toward giving up our authority. 

•Anarchy versus Volunteerism