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Optimal Performance

May 15, 2023

Ridiculous. 2 45-min workouts everyday is ridiculous. 

And I loved it. 


18 lbs lost - body comp

2.5 books read - 75 hard book, 48 Laws of power Robert Green, Theosophy Rudolph Steiner

1 ankle sprain - Made it to day 35 before ankle. Then two weeks off. 110 total since Jan 9th

3rd place finish in BJJ tournament 

Avg 54 miles a week - soccer, walks, runs, 

62 BJJ training sessions

Ave sleep score of 78


Products that helped:

Epsom Salt baths


CBD from Mett - tincture and rubs



What sucked 

-Time management  - saying no to sitting around

-Skipping sugar 

-Working out late effects sleep

-Working out sore

-Injuries…a peek at old age or disease-  so I build resilience


What I learned

-My capacity is pretty high, as it most people

-People are looking to be challenged past their comfort zone

-Flexible schedule is blessing and curse for me

-My wife and kids are awesome - modeling for kids

-Listeners and followers on IG are great

-My body wants carbs sometimes

-Critical tasks structure is helpful