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Optimal Performance

May 23, 2022

No one wants to face it, but it could be zapping your health. 

MOLD. Auto-immune, asthma, brain fog, food sensitivity...

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In this episode we cover:

•Mold exposure and asthma, depression, insomnia

•If you have a moldy crawlspace you have a moldy house

1-800-GOT-MOLD is the mold inspection company

•There is no such thing as mold free

 •How vast is the impact of mold exposure in people’s lives

•Statistically, mold impacts lower income communities

•What the hell is mold rage?

•Every breath you take contains thousands of mold spores

•When the insides of buildings get wet, mold grows and doesn’t stop

•You have 24-48 hours to deal with a moisture issue before you have a mold problem

•We are holobionts - so are our homes