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Optimal Performance

Mar 22, 2022

Justin Frandson has been working with elite athletes for decades and his strategies are INNOVATIVE. 

Tesla Crystals, muscle activation, 5G, EMF mitigation all serve to increase health and performance. Find his book "Athleticism: Whole Body + Whole Brain = Performance.

Find Optimal Performance Podcast episodes, discounts on health optimization gear and learn about the work I do as a Life Coach and Performance Coach at 

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In this episode we cover:

•How “grounding” works

•Tesla grounding crystals for optimal sleep - under your bed

•Crystals like Shungite, Amethyst, Tourmaline kick off a resonance

•7.83 hz of the earth and why it matters

•5G implications on health

•3 Symptom levels of EMF sensitivity

•Ask your friends about whether or not they are effected by living near cell towers

•Athleticism, Whole body + Whole brain = Performance

•The importance of taking care of the soil around you