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Optimal Performance

Mar 28, 2022

Every once in a while we get access to the same products as Olympians. Growth factors sourced from deer antler velvet combined with amino acids are finally available to us. 

I've been on BioPro+ for a month and the results are stunning. 

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•13 Growth factor matrix, 33 essential and non-essential amino acids

•The science around this product has been around for decades with Olympic athletes

•Needle free growth factors

•What does the science say about active growth factors?

•Sourcing and manufacturing deer antler velvet domestically is critical

•The difference between typical deer antler products and BioPro+

•Parkinson, ALS, MLS, diabetes

•A natural alternative to synthetic hormone treatments

•Bio-identical growth factors which don’t cause a negative feedback loop

•Non-synthetic growth factors don’t require that you keep taking them
•After puberty, your growth hormones decrease dramatically

•Hormone treatments help: Athletic performance, weight loss, sexual performance

•Why we’re getting access to these products just now

•Which growth factors help with cellular repair