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Optimal Performance

Dec 6, 2021

MyVitalC has helped me regrow hair, get more deep sleep age backwards on my face and avoid terrible hangovers. 

Creator Chris Burress returns to the OPP to talk about new products in the MyVitalC line, and share some deeper insights he's gotten from customers. 

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In case you missed his previous appearances, Chris lays out the Nobel Prize winning discovery of Fullerenes and how they increased rat longevity by 90%

Listen to episodes 231 here

In this episode we cover: 


•How I managed to regrow hair while using MyVitalC

•A younger looking face using MyVitalC

•Deep dive into the miracle molecule.

•Breaking down the molecular details

•MyvitalC as a nootropic

•The peer reviewed research that backs the products are all about life extension

•Better sleep hangover cure, exercise recovery, nootropic…and the list goes on

•High performance athlete testimonials