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Optimal Performance

Nov 30, 2021

Garrett Salpeter is using direct electrical stimulation to help recovery, chronic pain and maximizing workout results.

Find out more about the Neubie here

Watch the testimonial of Amy, who went from paralyzed from the waist walking with a walker!!!

In this episode we cover:

•Mimicking hundreds and hundreds of repetitions of muscle contractions.

•From wheelchair for 25 years to a walker for one user

•Repair injuries faster through the Central Nervous System

•Using the body’s software to recover, heal and build through direct current

•Demystifying the common held beliefs about injuries and how your body protects itself.

•Training more effectively during injury recovery

•How the Neubie identifies the root cause of ongoing injury or discomfort.

•Addressing the criticisms of the tech

•Which biohacking equipment work well in tandem with Neubie

•Amy goes from paralyzed to walking...