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Optimal Performance

Nov 22, 2021

In this episode Marc Champagne takes us through the process of tuning up our mental fitness by asking powerful questions. 

Marc is the host of the Top 50 Podcast "Behind The Human"

Check out his book Personal Socrates 

Achieve your goals, change your life, recover from depression all by asking the right questions. 

In this episode we cover: 


•What am I pretending NOT to know?

•What do I want from my life?

•What the hell is a mental fitness strategist?

•How to wrap the week in 15 minutes with three questions: What did I learn this week? What would I have changed this week? What can I celebrate for the week?

•Why you should start your day with powerful questions: Who am I right now? Who am I striving to become?

•How do I want to show up today IN ONE WORD: ____________

•The importance of getting our minds into the realm of possibility.

•The definition and power of the Socratic method.

•Asking progressive questions propel you forward.

•What questions can you ask yourself first thing in the morning? At the end of your work day?

•Marc’s story of having to shut down an app that reached 86 Million people, and how he got back on track.