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Optimal Performance

Oct 27, 2021

Chris Masterjohn PhD a leading researcher in the world of nutrition and health has released his Covid Guide: The food and supplement guide for the Coronavirus. 

You can find him here:

Find The Covid Guide here

In this poignant and timely interview we cover:

•There is  more than one solution for staying healthy and resilient during covid.

•Nutrients play a key part in the strength of your immune system.

•Vit D, Arginine, Vit C, Zinc lozenges

•Essential nutrients for early covid.

•Clarity on optimal Vitamin D levels 50-60 ng/ml

•Trials that support arginine for covid…as covid depletes arginine levels.

•Understanding Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome with Covid

•Questions about Ziverdo kits…

•Chris Masterjohn has been translating and sharing important nutrition literature for years
•Chris clarifies some hard to understand narratives of the pandemic
•Thinking deeply about ivermectin

•Freedom and fear