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Optimal Performance

Oct 18, 2021

Dylan Beynon, Founder and CEO at Mindbloom is helping to pave the way for psychedelic medicine. 

In-home ketamine therapy is effective for treating depression and anxiety. Mindbloom is helping to pave the way for transforming lives. 

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In this episode we cover: 

•Personal at-home ketamine therapy is helping people deal with anxiety and depression

•Ketamine compared to anti-depressants or SSRIs

•60-75% effective for treating anti-depressants when used as a stand alone injection

•How to describe the feeling of Ketamine

•Ketamine therapy to get back to clearer first principles, deeper insights,

•How Mindbloom ketamine therapy process works more effectively than talk therapy

•Why is psychedelic therapy becoming so popular?

•How Mindbloom founder experienced Ketamine therapy for himself and built a business to help others

•The importance of preparation prior to using ketamine and also integration afterward

•How coaching and macrodosing protocols work best

•What does the future of psychedelic therapy looks like.