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Optimal Performance

Oct 4, 2021

We're all wondering humanity is heading. At the core of the conversation we have to consider transhumanism, technology and the power of our biology. 

We talk through it all, including my favorite product for gut health - you can get 10% off with a money back guarantee HERE -

In this awesome conversation we cover:

•An inability of a large portion of the population to apply basic critical thinking to what’s happening right now in the world.

•The importance of critical thinking in health

•What can we look out for in Transhumanism

•Why is health optimization important?

•Historical origin stories of humanity

•The goal of ending human suffering and activate biologically optimal health. Taking people from sick to super human.

•How our division as people is keeping us from progress.

•We’re still stuck in the Platonic world view…and haven’t evolved past it.

•The specific formulation of Leaky Gut Guardian and it’s lab

•The simplified explanation of how to repair leaky gut. •Wade explains the new custom nootropic they’ve developed