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Optimal Performance

Sep 20, 2021

With one breath you can determine what food to eat. 

With one breath you'll know whether you're in fat burning mode or not. WOW. a metabolic game changer. Imagine losing weight and improving your metabolic flexibility (which we know now is critical for health). 

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In this super interesting episode we cover: 

•How do you know which macro is best for you throughout the day?

•How important is flexibility in your food choices?

•Your breath can tell you what’s best to eat for the day

•Knowing precisely when you can eat carbs for activity.

•How the first two weeks of LUMEN set you up for long-term success - based on the studies.

•How LUMEN can lead to better food choices and intuitive eating

•The importance of carb cycling in order to preserve the enzymes needed to break them down

•You’re going to always celebrate with food, so plan accordingly